Eirinn, Chris, Cormac and Finn are Peace People!

We have found such a great church in Peace Presbyterian!  We are grateful for the opportunity that our children have to grow up with faith: from learning to love Bible stories in the Godly Play class to the emphasis on peacemaking and helping those less fortunate than us.  The hands-on, team approach of Peace Presbyterian is very different than the Catholic church we grew up in, and it is a great fit for us.  All of our lives are enriched every time we reach out to help others such as homeless families or migrant farm workers and we believe our children are learning compassion and empathy that will stay with them forever.

Our Youth are Peace People!

Pastor Tricia says, "What I love about this church is how seriously we take our name, Peace. This name isnít only about how  to go about living in the world; it is the backbone of the relationships folks have with one another. The hospitality I experience, even walking through the doors on Sunday morning, gives me a glimpse of the kingdom on earth. The whole message of peace is passed down to the youth and children, from annual events like Peace in the Park to the more subtle aspects of church such as youth participation in worship, communion, or the participation in the reconciling work of Jesus Christ out in the world.Ē

Ryan (14) says, "Peace Youth Group puts the fun into learning about the Trinity and the Bible.  It has a huge influence on my actions away from church."

Andrew (15) says, "Peace is a welcoming, generous church.  We do a lot for other people."

Catherine (17) says, "It's great having a youth pastor whom I can trust and other adults whose faith I admire.

Shane says, "I like Peace church because it's a great way to get to know people and an even better way to get closer to GOD."

Peter and Robin are Peace People!

We, Peter and Robin, are empty nesters. When we moved to Florida, we began our search for a new church home. It was our desire to join a church with warm fellowship, active outreach and meaningful Sunday services and teaching. Peaceís blended service fills our worship needs with a strong biblical basis and lively music. We love that each personís gift of service makes an impact with the small, growing congregation at Peace!

Jo Allison is a Peace Person!

I heard about Peace just as I was on the brink of joining a large Presbyterian church and I am so happy that I decided to come Peace's way.   It's exciting to be part of a new church!  I was especially happy to join the music program which has such a vibrant and knowledgeable leader.  I am  single enjoy being a member of such a warm and loving church family.  It is easy to get to know people quickly, making connections through the various cluster groups, (movie, dinner, book).  These groups afforded me more opportunities to develop good friendships.  Some difficult times that have come into my life lately, and my Peace family at Peace has gladly given me the support and care to keep me moving forward, deepening my faith. Thank you, Peace people!!!

We Welcome You To Join Us & Become A Peace Person Too!

Sunday Services : 10902 Technology Terrace , Lakewood Ranch, 34211 (Manatee Assoc. of Relators Bldg. MAR)

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